To fight or to go on strike?

I have created this blog and named it “The Akston Lounge” as a tribute to Ayn Rand’s memorable character in her no less memorable Atlas Shrugged: Hugh Akston, the one time leading American philosopher, head of the Philosophy Department of the Patrick Henry University, in Cleveland, OH, who, one day, simply vanished: went on strike, decided the world no longer deserved to benefit from the contributions of his mind.

I confess that I, at the present time, though a philosopher like Hugh Akston, still believe, a bit like Dagny Taggart, the heroine of that book, that there is something I can do to try to prevent the world from going down the drain (as it certainly deserves, especially here in Brazil).

But I am seriously considering joining the strike. While I don’t, however, I will be fighting from this bunker.

In São Paulo, on the 13th of September of 2013

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