Education and Creativity

We are moving into a world where routine manual and mental work will be done, more and more, by robots and other machines. In this world, the work left for humans to do will involve creativity and interpersonal relationships.

Globalization and the rate in which change will permeate our lives will demand that we are constantly learning. Knowledge, especially, will grow obsolete That is why society and economy in the 21st century will have to be more and more a learning society and a learning economy — in which, in order to promptly learn new things we have to cast away, that is, to unlearn, old habits and mindsets. 

The challenge for education in this context is, as Seymour Papert once put it, that we have to prepare people to live, learn, work and have fun in a world the contours of which we do not know yet.  

Before this challenge, education either becomes creative or becomes worse than irrelevant: counterproductive. 

As time passes by I find that I agree more and more with Sir Ken Robinson. 

In São Paulo, September 5, 2013

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