Livros de C S Lewis que eu tenho (22-11-2013)

[No caso de livros de ensaios ou artigos, o título dos ensaios ou artigos é fornecido, ficando, numerado, dentro de colchetes. Os títulos dos livros não são precedidos de nada, e estão listados um por linha]

C S Lewis, A Abolição do Homem

C S Lewis, A Grief Observed

C S Lewis, As Crônicas de Narnia

C S Lewis, Cartas a uma Senhora Americana

C S Lewis, Christian Reflections  (Kindle E-Book)

[01] Christianity and Literature

[02] Christianity and Culture

[03] Peace Proposals for Brother Every and Mr Bethell

[04] Religion: Reality or Substitute

[05] On Ethics

[06] De Futilitate

[07] The Poison of Subjectivism

[08] The Funeral of a Great Myth

[09] On Church Music

[10] Historicism

[11] The Psalms

[12] The Language of Religion

[13] Petitionary Prayer: A Problem Without an Answer

[14] Modern Theology and Biblical Criticism

[15] The Seeing Eye

C S Lewis, Cristianismo Puro e Simples

C S Lewis, Essay Collection on Faith, Christianity and the Church  (Kindle E-Book)

[Part 1] The Search For God

[01] The Grand Miracle

[02] Is Theology Poetry?

[03] The Funeral Of A Great Myth

[04] God In The Dock

[05] What Are We To Make Of Jesus Christ?

[06] The World’s Last Night

[07] Is Theism Important?

[08] The Seeing Eye

[09] Must Our Image Of God Go?

[Part 2] Aspects Of Faith

[10] Christianity And Culture

[11] Evil And God

[12] The Weight Of Glory

[13] Miracles

[14] Dogma And The Universe

[15] ‘Horrid Red Things’

[16] Religion: Reality Or Substitute?

[17] Myth Became Fact

[18] Religion And Science

[19] Christian Apologetics

[20] Work And Prayer

[21] Religion Without Dogma?

[22] The Decline Of Religion

[23] On Forgiveness

[24] The Pains Of Animals

[25] Petitionary Prayer: A Problem Without An Answer

[26] On Obstinacy In Belief

[27] What Christmas Means To Me

[28] The Psalms

[29] Religion And Rocketry

[30] The Efficacy Of Prayer

[31] Fern-Seed And Elephants

[32] The Language Of Religion

[33] Transposition

[Part 3] The Christian In The World

[34] Why I Am Not A Pacifist

[35] Dangers Of National Repentance

[36] Two Ways With The Self

[37] Meditation On The Third Commandment

[38] On Ethics

[39] Three Kinds Of Men

[40] Answers To Questions On Christianity

[41] The Laws Of Nature

[42] Membership

[43] The Sermon And The Lunch

[44] Scraps

[45] After Priggery – What?

[46] Man Or Rabbit?

[47] ‘The Trouble With “X”…’

[48] On Living In An Atomic Age

[49] Lilies That Fester

[50] Good Work And Good Works

[51] A Slip Of The Tongue

[52] We Have No ‘Right To Happiness’

[Part 4] The Church

[53] Christian Reunion

[54] Priestesses In The Church?

[55] On Church Music

[Part 5] Letters

[56] The Conditions For A Just War

[57] The Conflict In Anglican Theology

[58] Miracles

[59] Mr C. S. Lewis On Christianity

[60] A Village Experience

[61] Correspondence With An Anglican Who Dislikes Hymns

[62] The Church’s Liturgy, Invocation, And Invocation Of Saints [63] The Holy Name!

[64] Mere Christians

[65] Canonisation

[66] Pittenger-Lewis And Version Vernacular

[67] Capital Punishment And Death Penalty

C S Lewis, George MacDonald

C S Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays  (Kindle E-Book)

[Part 1]

[01] Evil and God

[02] Miracles

[03] Dogma and the Universe

[04] Answers to Questions on Christianity

[05] Myth Became Fact

[06] ‘Horrid Red Things’

[07] Religion and Science

[08] The Laws of Nature

[09] The Grand Miracle

[10] Christian Apologetics

[11] Work and Prayer

[12] Man or Rabbit?

[13] On the Transmission of Christianity

[14] ‘Miserable Offenders’

[15] The Founding of the Oxford Socratic Club [16] Religion without Dogma?

[17] Some Thoughts

[18] ‘The Trouble with “X”…’

[19] What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ? [20] The Pains of Animals

[21] Is Theism Important?

[22] Rejoinder to Dr Pittenger

[23] Must Our Image of God Go?

[Part 2]

[24] Dangers of National Repentance

[25] Two Ways with the Self

[26] Meditation on the Third Commandment

[27] On the Reading of Old Books

[28] Two Lectures

[29] Meditation in a Toolshed

[30] Scraps

[31] The Decline of Religion

[32] Vivisection

[33] Modern Translations of the Bible

[34] Priestesses in the Church?

[35] God in the Dock

[36] Behind the Scenes

[37] Revival or Decay?

[38] Before We Can Communicate

[39] Cross-Examination

[Part 3]

[40] ‘Bulverism’

[41] First and Second Things

[42] The Sermon and the Lunch

[43] The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment

[44] Xmas and Christmas

[45] What Christmas Means to Me

[46] Delinquents in the Snow

[47] Is Progress Possible?

[48] We Have No Right to Happiness’

[Part 4]

[49] Letters

C S Lewis, Mere Christianity

C S Lewis, Mere Christianity (Kindle E-Book)

C S Lewis, Miracles

C S Lewis, Miracles (PDF)

C S Lewis, Oração: Cartas a Malcom

C S Lewis, Screwtape Letters

C S Lewis, Surprised by Joy

C S Lewis, The Abolition of Man

C S Lewis, The Collected Letters of C S Lewis – Vol 1

C S Lewis, The Collected Letters of C S Lewis – Vol 2

C S Lewis, The Collected Letters of C S Lewis – Vol 3

C S Lewis, The Four Loves

C S Lewis, The Pilgrim’s Regress  (Kindle E-Book)

C S Lewis, The Problem of Pain

C S Lewis, The Weight of Glory  (Kindle E-Book)

C S Lewis, The World’s Last Night

C S Lewis, Till we Have Faces


A N Wilson, C S Lewis, A Biography

Alister McGrath, Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers and Skeptics Find Faith (Kindle E-Book)

Alister McGrath: C S Lewis: A Life – Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet (Kindle E-Book)

Alister McGrath: The Intellectual World of C S Lewis (Kindle E-Book)

Beatrice Gormley, C S Lewis: The Man Behind Narnia

Bob Johnson, An Answer to C S Lewis’ Mere Christianity  (Kindle E-Book)

David Baggett et al, C S Lewis as a Philosopher: Truth, Goodness and Beauty  (Kindle E-Book)

David Downey, C S Lewis: O Mais Relutante dos Convertidos

Douglas H Gresham, Kack’s Life: The Story of C S Lewis

Douglas H Gresham, Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman & C S Lewis

Gabriele Greggersen, A Magia das Crônicas de Narnia

Gabriele Greggersen, A Pedagogia Cristã na Obra de C S Lewis

Gabriele Greggersen, Antropologia Filosófica de C S Lewis

Gabriele Greggersen, O Evangelho de Narnia

George Sayer & Lyle W Dorsett, Jack: A Life of C S Lewis

John Beversluis, C S Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion

Jordan Ferrier, Calvin and C S Lewis: Solving the Riddle of the Reformation  (Kindle E-Book)

Joy Davidman, Out of my Bone: The Letters of Joy Davidman

Joy Davidman, Smoke on the Mountain: An Interpretation of the Ten Commandments

Lyle W Dorsett, And God Came in: The Extraordinary Story of Joy Davidman

Peter Kreeft, C S Lewis for the Third Millenium  (Kindle E-Book)

The C S Lewis Encyclopedia

The Cambridge Companion to C S Lewis

Victor Reppert, C S Lewis’Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason

Walter Hooper, C S Lewis: A Complete Guide to His Life and Works

Wayne Martindale, Beyond the Shadowlands: C S Lewis on Heaven and Hell  (Kindle E-Book)

Em São Paulo, 22 de Novembro de 2013

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